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0000008jFermiGeneralpublic2020-09-30 14:45
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Summary0000008: pump control device disappears from i2c bus
Descriptionafter jfermi startup sometimes the pump control device disappears from i2c bus
problem could be becase each stack device hava its own i2c pullup resistor!
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2020-04-23 18:08

administrator   ~0000001

in the problematic bioreactor the upspico and a raspberry module was replace and that solved the problem
currently the pump module seems to be ok, the pump module in question was tried in an other bioreactor an worked fine there
however i could not find the real cause of the problem, the synthomps was: after the second startup of the fermentor the pump module simply did not start, not event a very simple led (heartbeat) blinking application.
if the problem comes up again, it worths to try to add brown-out reset feature and watchdog to the pump modules

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