Not Yet Released
0000020: [JavaScript Runtime (binary)] remove unused legacy includes (guttmann)
0000023: [JavaScript Runtime (binary)] add arm64 support (guttmann)
0000024: [JavaScript Libraries] GUI facelift (guttmann)
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Not Yet Released
0000030: [Process control] add email notification service (guttmann)
0000029: [Process control] if the main application stops for some reason (illegal inst., segfault,OOM, etc., we should be able to continue the fermentation (guttmann)
0000027: [General] improper timestamp (guttmann)
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Released 2020-08-22
0000022: [General] unexpected fermentation stop (guttmann)
0000017: [General] pump control modules throws I/O errors sometimes: (guttmann)
0000013: [General] EZO™ pH Circuit temperature compensation (guttmann)
0000016: [General] jfermi client slow if too many logs are displayed (guttmann)
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